70th anniversary

Our school undoubtedly has a very rich and vivid history. This year we celebrate 70 years since its foundation. To mark this milestone, on November 12, the school organised an event which was focused on the last ten-year period between 2004-2014.

The celebration took place in the culture Myjava’s centre and started with an opening speech from Mrs. Michálková. It was followed by speeches by other honourable guests. 16 of our former and present teachers were awarded a letter of thanks by Jaroslav Baška, the chairman of our region; however, the biggest surprise came when he announced to provide the funds for the further reconstruction of our school building. 

After the speeches there were various music and dance performances from our students to entertain the audience. It was a great opportunity to show the many talents that they all possess.  The performances were accompanied by a presentation of the school history and the international achievements of our students in the fields of science and sport.  

Naturally, over the years, the school has brought up countless talents. Some of the most successful former students gave their congratulations throughout the presentation and others accepted the invitation. Jana Oľhová, the famous Slovak actress, drew the most attention, as she gladly took pictures with our students. 

The anniversary event concluded with a special performance by our teachers. The song they sang was kept a secret until the very end. Needless to say, they earned a well-deserved standing ovation and I believe the majority of the audience had the song stuck in their heads for the rest of the day.

by Jarka Petrášová

Year 1, Issue 1