Brezová pod Bradlom

Brezová pod Bradlom is a small town in the Myjava district, Trenčín region, in the western foothills of the Little Carpathians. The territory of Brezová pod Bradlom appears in written records for the first time in 1263. It lays approximately 80 km from the capital city, Bratislava.

Brezová is situated under Bradlo hill, where we can find the monumental tomb of Milan Rastislav Štefánik. The monument's construction started in 1924, five years after Štefánik's death, and was finished in 1928. The tomb was designed by the architect Dušan Jurkovič.


A stream flows through Brezová, and here we can find three springs with crystal clear water. The nature surounding Brezová is beautiful. There are a lot of forests where you can find some mushrooms, little streams and also some animals. These places are the best for thinking and chilling.


But not only the nature is interesting. The history and monuments in Brezová are also noteworthy. In this town, there are two churches and one cemetary, where there is an important monument: The Memorial of Dr. Ján Papánek, Dušan Jurkovič, Samuel Jurkovič. Ján Hus Park is a unique park. You can find some memorial plaques here with historical facts about people who have done something for this beautiful, small town.  


Finally, I should mention the pubs and some parties that you can take part in here. Firstly, there is the Retro Club, where concerts and discotheques take place. Another club is Olympia, but the only parties you can attend here is Jarmočná and Štefanská. In Brezová there is a market held annually in the summertime. It lasts for three days and you can buy souvenirs, delicious food or “pálené“ (a typical alcohol for the Kopanice region) there. Before Christmas there is a Christmas Concert where a folk group from Brezová shows the dances that they have learned in ZUŠ (an art school).


As you can see, people living in Brezová have almost everything. A great history, beautiful nature and entertainment. If you want to know more about this town, you should visit one of the events organized by this city.

by Nina Nôžková

Year 1, Issue 1