Halloween is a traditional event dedicated to remembering the dead; nowadays it is celebrated mostly in English-speaking countries. It includes costumes, visiting houses in the neighbourhood and of course trick-or-treating. There are many symbols of Halloween including carved pumpkins, ghosts, zombies and other wicked creatures that fill the streets on October 31st. It originated in Ireland, and symbolized confronting the power of death through humour and ridicule.

On Tuesday, 28th October, students from the 1.B class with their teacher Lenka Líšková, turned into dreadful monsters and spread horror and fear, as a part of their own Halloween event. Most of the girls had painted their faces even before they got to school, the rest of the class put on their costumes at school. Their event took part throughout day in the 2.B classroom.
When they were ready, they took off marching throughout the school to show off their costumes and to scare anyone that they met along the way. On their first trick-or-treat session they visited several classrooms and received some candy after their short Halloween poem, in which they threatened to pull down the underpants of anyone who dared to deny them of their candy. Soon, their teacher Matt Haarman showed up in a splendid costume of a grandmother, with his daughter dressed as Little Red Riding Hood.
They then withdrew back to the classroom for a pumpkin-carving contest. Students were divided into several groups, each carving one of the pumpkins that they had brought earlier in the week. They indeed did wonderful work on them. After successfully turning all of the pumpkins into horrifying masterpieces, students reluctantly cleaned up the mess that they had made and displayed their artwork with pride, which were later judged by several professors and our director Mrs. Michálková.
They had another trick-or-treating session afterwards, although the second wave was more about tricking, since the treats weren’t to be found in some of the classes. So it was that some of the students ended up being punished by dangerous spider-web sprays.
Next on the program was eating all of those treats collected during the laborious trick-or-treating. In addition to the sweets, students had also prepared also some delicious home-made cookies and even a bloody Halloween punch.
As the last part of the event, students watched a classic Halloween film, The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton. Some girls didn’t even bother to wash off their make up before leaving school and brought some of the Halloween atmosphere into the streets of Myjava.

by Martin Krč

Year 1, Issue 1