“Lost girl's” diary

In my final story I want to introduce you to more of the people I got know, places I have visited and my best experiences.

In the begging it was very difficult for me to speak to someone, even though I am quite a chatty person and I usually don’t have problems making new friends. However my host family helped me through this speaking barrier, and after two months I had less of a problem speaking and almost no problems understanding.

Students in school were really helpful too, when someone saw that I had trouble finding my classroom or any other problems they were ready to help me. Politeness was a sure thing and since the beginning I haven’t met a rude person. During my lessons there wasn’t really time to talk with someone and create friendships, but thanks to my lessons I was able to meet people that I could talk to and we had common topics for conversation. I met an amazing, friendly, girl named Faith (yeah I know…haha), she was from the Philippines and we have been friends ever since. My other close friend was Iqra, she moved to my town from Pakistan and she lived with her grandparents. I met her in the first week of school, because she looked as lost as I was, and our friendship began.


I know you must be thinking, “Only two friends?” The answer is simply, yes. I only had two good, close friends and the others were just people that I knew. I talked with a lot of people but I didn’t hang out with them after school. The thing is, all the students were quite nice and polite, but they were keeping a distance between us. It seemed difficult to melt the ice.

After moving into a new family and a new school I had the opportunity to make even more friends, and I met more people to hang out with. The first day, I met my host sisters. Melissa was from Germany and Margherita was from Italy. It was nice to have someone who could show you how things had been working at school ect. Actually, we had some really nice moments during our trips as well.

We went to London a few times, and every time we discovered a new exciting thing or place. Such as a food market with meals from around the world. There was Falafel from turkey, cannoli from Italy and English Cider.  We took another interesting trip to Oxford where we saw all the university buildings and more. Did you know that the author of the Lord of the Rings was born and grew up there? No? Me neither, hah. In oxford, I was in the biggest bookshop I have ever seen. It had four big floors and a huge basement with a café. However my favorite place in Oxford was the original shop of Alice in Wonderland.  You probably could have found anything you could think of there. There were whole costumes of Alice and “Eat Me” chocolate, to small golden charms of keys and cups of tea.


The majority of my ‘holiday’ in the UK is over. I spent nine amazing months discovering knew life styles, visiting places I have never dreamed about, trying to fit into a collective and getting to know myself. After these nine months I can surely say, I am not lost anymore (finally, haha). However I still have my last month to enjoy this new experience in front of me. I hope I will come home with the feeling that I withdrew everything I could from my year abroad.


Lastly, I would like to say something to people who are thinking about going to the UK. It is an amazing experience! Difficult in the beginning, but it will give you lot. You shouldn’t hesitate in making the decision. I am now more confident with myself then ever before. It gave me the opportunity to be responsible for myself even when I had incredible freedom in everything. There is no one here to tell you what to wear or how to behave, but it is expected that you should know that on your own.

Also, I can say that it is not only about English, but also about the people, places and the feelings as well. In the beginning it was really scary and I thought I would never find any friends and that I would spend my whole year alone. I made a mistake though. I thought that they would come to me instead of me going to talk to them. Then I realized that everything had changed and I had many new friends. So, if you decide to go to UK (highly recommended) and you struggle with finding friends. My advice for you is not to hesitate, sitting in a corner with the expectation that someone will come to you. Stand up and go find someone, I bet you wouldn’t be only new student in school that feeing lost. Maybe next year I will read your “lost girl’s” diary.

See you at home ;).

by Tamara Salibová

Year 1, Issue 3