Mrs. Durcová

Miss Ľubka Durcová is an English teacher who also teaches Art and Culture and Civics in bilingual English classes. In my opinion, she is a very interesting teacher and I hope you enjoy reading my interview with her.

Do you like your students?
Generally I do, but teaching is not an easy job and not all students appreciate my efforts to teach them something.

In civics lessons you teach students about philosophy. What is your favorite philosophy?
It’s hard to say, probably Renaissance and Greek philosophy. I like Heraclitus but there are interesting thinkers in every period. Recently with your class we studied medieval philosophy, which I don’t like so much.

What do you think about our class (4.B)?
Your class is not easy to teach but there are some students who are really nice.

So, maybe your class is your favorite, isn’t it?
It could be, but most importantly I am the form teacher to the students in my class. I have to be the one to solve problems if there are any and that spoils the fun.

Do you like our school canteen?
I don’t go to our school canteen anymore because I had to change my diet, But If I remember it correctly there were some good lunches that I used to like.

Which subject is your favorite? English, Art and Culture or Civics?
English, originally I only wanted to teach English but the students I teach know that I can be pretty enthusiastic about any of these subjects in which I teach.

Are you satisfied with your salary?
When I compare it to the amount of time I have to spend to prepare for lessons, mark tests and so on I cannot be completely satisfied.
Do you think that your students like you?
I don´t know, you have to ask them.

I´m sure they do. Thank you for your time.

by Ľuboš Rybnikár

Year 1, Issue 2