Mrs. Líšková - What does the fox say?

A new English Teacher, Mrs Lenka Líšková started teaching at our school this school year. I assume that all of you would like to know her better, especially the ones that don´t have  the opportunity to meet her during English lesson. That´s why I have decided to make a short interview with her.

Why did you decide to teach at our school ?

Because I live in Myjava I need a stable job and Gymy seems to be a school with a good perspective.


How many years have you been teaching ?

I have been teaching for eleven years.


What do you think of our school canteen?

This school canteen is very nice and provides quality meals every day.


Do you have any children ?

Yes, I have one daughter.


Are you satisfied with your salary ?

I don` t think any teacher can be truly satisfied with his or her salary. On the other hand, I have always wanted to be a teacher so I have to adapt to these conditions. Teachers are usually optimists and always hope that the situation will change for the better. Sometimes the feeling you get from creative work means more than the money.


What is the difference between teaching at an elementary school and here at our grammar school?

I would say that it is more challenging for teachers to prepare for their lessons, because students are used to a higher level at learning and a faster pace. At the same time it is a challenge for teachers to try something new.


What do you think of our students?

Some students are better, some students are worse. It is the same everywhere. They have a high potential and us, teachers, are responsible for developing it. I will be very happy when I succeed.

by Ľuboš Rybnikár

Year 1, Issue 1