Saying Goodbye

Every year in May our school goes through some hard times. We have to say goodbye to the year’s graduates, our oldest and most beloved students. This is done through a rather cheerful ceremony. With a great joy, younger students prepare a program for them. The ceremony is opened with the students‘ anthem Gaudeamus. Next, comes a few touching words from our headmistress, which forces each of us to reflect on our fast-fleeing time. And finally, a series of the mentioned performances presented by students from all of the classes. This year there was unbelievable dancing from Las Babbass, followed by the amazing singing performances of Eva Bednáriková, Natália Štefancová and a newly discovered rising talent Andrej Pribiš. A huge hats off to the Trio kvinta, for their breathtaking interpretation of Imagine Dragons (boys, we would like to go to your concert). The ceremony also included a presentation of photos and videos of the graduates along with praise for their accomplishments throughout high school. The highlight of the „evening“ was a band with the mysterious name Überraschung. It consisted of Trio kvinta and FS Kopaničiar. This mash-up of modern and traditional instruments ended this year Ceremony with the song Neľutujem, with students dancing on the stage and in the audience.
Unfortunately, all the beauty and joy has to come to an end, and tears replaced the laughter and dancing. With all the performances are over, flowers were given and there was nothing left but the last high school test, the test of maturity, graduation.

by Veronika Molčanová

Year 1, Issue 3