Ski trip

Students from the 1.B class and several students from other classes attended a ski trip, which took place at Kubínska Hoľa. Students gathered in front of the swimming pool in Myjava and departed for Kubínska Hoľa on Sunday, 25 January. The journey was long and tiring, but students found ways to pass the time on the bus. In addition to the long journey, they had an hour long stop at Tesco in Žilina.
Later, they arrived at a parking lot from which they travelled to the cabin that they would be staying in.

After arriving, they unpacked their suitcases and got ready for action because on that very same day, on a small hill behind the cabin, they were divided into several skiing groups and one snowboarding group. They were rewarded that night by a tasty dinner for the demonstration of their skills. They were then given instructions for the following day. These instructions included, among other things, determining the service of the day. Then they had time to get acquainted with the cabin. The cabin itself was cosy and provided the students with everything they needed. Each room had its own bathroom and a few chests with drawers, depending on the size of the room.  On the first floor there was a restaurant, which served as a dining room for the students.

Leaving the room after 10 pm was forbidden, however, not everyone obeyed this restriction, which was no surprise. Students couldn’t endure being separated at 10 pm and so there were frequent visits between rooms up into the late hours. However, this did not prove to be such a good idea the next day, since students were woken up by the service of the day at 7:30 am. 30 minutes later they had breakfast, and were given the regular instructions. At 8:45 they were all ready in front of the cabin. Ready for what? Ready for skiing, of course! They skied twice a day in approximately 2 hours long bouts, once after breakfast, and another shorter session after lunch.

The students were divided into earlier mentioned groups as follows: a group of beginners,
a group of intermediate skiers and a group of advanced skiers.  In addition there were snowboarders and a group of students from upper classes, who were experienced skiers and snowboarders, who were allowed to ski freely.

Besides skiing there were other activities for students to do. They tried to organize some events, but the most successful ones were spontaneous. In addition, the professors prepared a snow sculpturing competition. Students were divided into teams and were given a specific topic for their artwork. However, the task was a bit trickier. The topics were abstract and therefore students needed to use creativity, which they proved to be full of as there were sculptures like a clogged toilet to describe dread, a bottle to describe happiness, and an imitation of the Statue of Liberty to describe freedom, a chilli pepper for piquancy, a magnet for attraction, a pair of lovers for sympathy and The Route of Hate for well, hate. The winning sculpture was built by the team with topic “happiness”. Their sculpture was called “The Happy Russian” and consisted of a bottle with the symbol of communism next to it.

The journey home wasn’t ideal. It snowed heavily and the bus got held up in the traffic for several hours. The students appreciated the stop at Tesco a lot more on the way home as it had allowed them to replenish their supplies. Luckily, they returned without any severe difficulties.

All in all the trip was great and created many pleasant memories.

by Martin Krč

Year 1, Issue 2