Thanksgiving day

Since learning a language should also include learning the culture of the country, students from the 1.B class celebrated Thanksgiving day in addition to their Halloween event. Students prepared for the celebration throughout the week, making thematic hats (the class was divided into two groups: Pilgrims and Indians), preparing food and inviting their teachers to the event on Wednesday.

The event was carried out on the 28th of November, in the 2.B classroom after fourth period. Students prepared tables and eventually also the food. The feast started when all the guests were present, including the school’s director, Danka Michálková, several teachers, Lenka Lišková, Alena Cilíková, Radim Kovařík, Jana Ilovičná, Dana Mockovčiaková, Peter Varsík and of course Matt Haarman, the organizer of the celebration, with his wife and daughter.

The students had prepared a true feast, consisting of traditional American Thanksgiving foods, such as cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and the main course, turkey with stuffing. Vegetarians and students with gluten intolerance were also taken into consideration as well and could enjoy for instance gluten free pumpkin pie.

However, before they could start eating, students had to come up with several things they were thankful for, and present them in a short speech. The fact that a lot of students mentioned their classmates among the things they were thankful for, suggests that they are making for a good collective. Matt presented a touching speech, mentioning that he was thankful for being able to celebrate thanksgiving even here in Slovakia. Speeches were closed by 1.B’s class teacher Lenka Lišková with equally touching words about her class. Eating proceeded in a merry atmosphere and everyone enjoyed the event.

by Martin Krč

Year 1, Issue 1