We are still getting better

January is a special month for those who are competitive and love English. It is the time when English Language Olympiads are organised. The best students pit their strength against each other and try to cope with really difficult tasks and test their ´English feeling´.

Younger students are divided into the following categories:
  1A – students of prima and sekunda
  1B – students of tercia and kvarta

And this year the winners were:
  Natália Lišaníková, sekunda, cat. 1A
  Erika Kohútová, tercia, cat.1B

Older students are divided into six categories:
  2A – students of  1st and 2nd forms, kvinta and sexta
  2B – students of 3rd and 4th forms, septima and oktava
  2C1 – bilingual students of all forms
  2C2 – Anglophones (students who have spent at least three months in an English speaking country)


And here are the winners:
  Peter Staňo, 1.A, cat. 2A
  Juraj Škandera, 4.A, cat.2B
  Magdaléna Vydarená, 4.B, cat. 2C1
  Jakub Barszcz, 4.B, cat.2C2

All the winners advanced to the Trenčín regional English language Olympiad to compete with the best students from all secondary schools throughout Trenčín. The most successful were Jakub Barszcz coming in 2nd place in his category and Magdaléna Vydarená who became the best bilingual student of the Trenčín region. At the same time she has advanced to The Slovak National English Language Olympiad which takes place in March in Bratislava.
Magda, we are so proud of you and all of us will keep our fingers crossed for you.

by Alena Cilíková

Year 1, Issue 2