We are still getting better

Every year, students showing talent in field of information technologies, have a great opportunity to pit their strength against each other and present their work to the Faculty of informatics and information technologies at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. This year was exceptional for one of our members of the What´s Up family. Jarka Petrášová, a ´grey eminence´ of our magazine (because it could never this look this great without this tiny, modest, exceptional girl) was chosen and together with other students from throughout Slovakia took part at the Conference – Junior Internet, which was granted by the Ministry of Education. The students could choose to present their work in the following categories: JuniorWEB, JuniorBLOG, JuniorDESIGN, JuniorERB, JuniorTEXT, JuniorAPP a JuniorLEARN. Jarka entered our magazine in the category of JuniorDESIGN and she was chosen by the professional jury to present her work at the conference.


At the end of March we travelled to Bratislava and Jarka presented her work in front of the best´ ITers´ in Slovakia. She was excellent and our magazine was rated as very professional. Despite not taking the award-winning place it was a great experience and our magazine has become known among the professionals and Jarka received a valuable certificate that can help her in her future career.


On behalf of the whole our editorial board I can say that we are so proud of Jarka and we are happy to have such an excellent graphic designer and a great friend to work with. Jarka, thank you so much.


by Alena Cilíková

Year 1, Issue 3