Aerobic Marathon

On November 19th 2015, while the rest of our classmates were at home enjoying a free day from school, three students from our school (Ema Kuhajdová (2.B), my sister Soňa Novomestská (2.B) and myself, Tatiana Novomestská (5.B)) accompanied by our teacher Mrs. Doménová made a trip to Trenčín to participate in the Regional Competition of Aerobics Marathon. It took place at a sports hall in the town. High school students from various districts of the Trenčín region came here to dance their way into the national round.  Although the name of the competition was Aerobic Marathon, our endurance and dance abilities were also tested in five various categories from aerobics to Piloxing and body weight exercises.

1.     Aerobic Basic
2.    Dance Aerobic
3.     Piloxing
4.    Body Work
5.    Zumba

These lessons were quite exhausting and many participants failed to endure all of them and gave up. The judges evaluated our technique, appearance, body posture and our perceived joy from dancing.  The three of us sustained all of the categories and we enjoyed each of them.  Mrs. Doménová supported us throughout the whole event.  At the end of the event the judges announced 10 girls that will be competing in the national round that will take place on February 8th, also in Trenčín. However, they awarded only the first three places. To my great surprise, I took third place and Soňa ended in the top 15 which means she will be a substitute in the national round, in case one of the girls is not able to compete.  We left quite tired but still full of positive energy, because as the saying goes: exercise releases happiness hormones.

by Tatiana Novomestská
Year 2, Issue 1