Future Of Fashion

Fashion. It is an art, a career, a passion, and a lifestyle. Fashion can promote creativity, which is very important to culture, society, and religion. Also, it makes you look and feel amazing. Fashion plays an important role in an indivi¬dual’s life because it is considered to be a form of self-expression. Not everybody sees it that way though. If I had to think about one specific person that has changed my view on fashion, it would be Alexa Chung.

I have always found the inner workings of the industry fascinating. As an art form it has the power to create social change and challenge ideas of body image and sexuality. However, people are really dismissive of fashion in general. – Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung is a British television personality, and a model; she has a Mulberry bag named after her. She became the author of “It” in 2013.  “It” is a novel filled with her writings, doodles and style inspirations.
She is only 30 years old and always seems to secure a place for herself on the best dressed lists.
The way her personality seems to shine through every look that she puts together is what makes her so different from other fashion “icons”. Chung has a massive influence in what we see trending in fashion on city streets and online. Alexa started out as a model when she was 15 - before becoming a stylist, TV presenter and a British fashion idol. Chung is well placed to explore the inner workings of the industry.

British Vogue has joined with Alexa Chung to take a look behind the scenes of the fashion industry, in a documentary series called Future of Fashion. As a contributing editor she gets to find out how people can get started in the fashion industry and looks at behind-the-scenes jobs.

 Fashion to some is just being a model, a make-up artist, a hairdresser, when someone looks at fashion from the outside, but there are many more skills needed. Such as PRs, buyers, retailers, social media managers and event producers.
She talks to fashion students who are about to graduate.  They discuss struggles that they are facing and the important things that they've learned about the industry - how to present work and whether or not to choose a major. Moreover, people did look at fashion design as being a respected profession a few years ago.

The topics always being discussed are body image and diversity. Alexa discovers what a positive influence psychology can have on the fashion industry. She finds that with the power of young positive-minded new designers, using creative self-promotion and the digital connection, fashion can and should improve body image. It is time for a revolution.
With the rise in ways of attracting attention and absorbing information, the number of roles that exist in the fashion industry today are more various and radical. To become a buyer, it is important to understand the customer as well as to appreciate the behavior of fashion.
There is a one question: how does a brand stand the test of time, and what do fashion houses do to stay relevant without losing customers? The use of social media is the answer. Sadly, printed magazines do not have so much power anymore. Instagram is a new way to communicate, and advertise your own brand. Quantities of people know everything about a brand just from scrolling and scrolling. Brands want to get into the pop-culture and it is a generous way of spreading new ideas. They want to show that fashion is open-minded and try to push the boundaries of ethnicity as well.
While observing the fashion world we find out how fast the industry is actually moving. It isn’t about fame or images, but about a real business. Another thing that is worth to mentioning is the significantly changing view on modeling. What is becoming important now?   The model’s personality and how many followers the model has.

by Linda Poláková

Year 2, Issue 1