Mrs. Londáková

Hello, how are you ?
Doing well, thanks. How about you ?

Do you like your job ?
I enjoy the teaching part in the classroom and discussions with students, but I’m not that excited about getting ready for classes and grading essays. 

Have you always wanted to be an English teacher?
Not really. As a teenager I wanted to be a lawyer, but later I changed my mind. Now after many years of teaching I’m actually happy to have made such a decision.

Could you compare teaching at City University and Gymnázium Myjava ? Which one do you consider more difficult ?
Well, it’s hard to compare the two schools because each of them represents a completely different school system. From a student’s point of view, you can choose the classes you are interested in, study in daily or online programs, earn US credits and various degrees, and get experience from an international faculty. The school offers a lot, but you pay for everything. The fact that you pay tuition doesn’t mean you pass, which is a common misinterpretation of private schools.    
I find teaching here more demanding because of the number of classes teachers here are supposed to teach and the number of students in language classes. I don’t believe we can apply an individual approach with a group of 15, 18 or 20 students.  Also, teachers here are expected to do various activities not necessarily connected to their subjects. Not to sound only pessimistic, I must admit there are many clever and active students at this school.

Do you have good relationships with your students ?
I hope I do, but they are the ones to be asked.

If there was anything that you could change about this school, what would it be ?
Fewer students per class (as you can see this is pretty important for me), less work for teachers, and longer holidays for students.

What are you favorite free time activities ?
Cycling, reading, and enjoying a cup of coffee with my colleagues.

by Ľuboš Rybnikár

Year 2, Issue 1