In our grammar school, sport tournaments among the students have a long tradition. A few weeks ago we had the amazing opportunity to take part in our annual pre-Christmas floorball contest.

Each class could nominate two teams into the “fight”– a girl’s team and a boy’s team with a maximum of 10 players. All the boy and girl’s teams were next divided into three groups. The whole competition was divided into two terms. On Thursday, December the 10th we could watch the first half of the tournament where students pit their sport skills against the teams in their groups. Every match had two half times, each lasting three minutes. The players were accompanied by the huge applause of a crowd of their classmates, teachers and other students from our school that were keeping their fingers crossed for their favorites and cheering for them to win. The matches were absolutely gripping and the atmosphere was tense. However, despite a big amount of skillful contestants, only four of the best boy and girl’s teams could continue to the finals on Tuesday, December the 22nd.

Here are the results:


                          Boys          Girls

1st place       oktáva      oktáva

2nd place       sexta          4.A

3rd place          2.A            3.A

4th place          3.A            3.C


Special congratulations also belong to the best scorers – Jakub Lacho (2.A), Michaela Míková (3.A); the best goalies – Ladislav Kuna (sexta), Erika Šarudiová (4.A) and last but not least the best players – Martin Blažek (oktáva) and Veronika Molčanová (oktáva).


by Bronislava Bendová
Year 2, Issue 2