Haluzice, located 10km northeast from Nové Mesto n/V and 32km from Myjava, in the “Bošáčka” micro-region, which is a part of our “Kopaničiarsky” region, is with its 68 citizens the smallest village of our region. Even though it´s so small, it can offer various attractions to the tourists.



Probably best known are the ruins of a Romance church from the 13th century(1) which can be seen even from the main road from Nové Mesto to Trenčín. Both lovers of historical architecture and beautiful view will enjoy its visit.


If you´re a lover of mineral springs, an interesting place to visit in Haluzice is called “Haluzická kyselka”. It is located near Haluzické kopanice (a group of settlements in the cadastre of the village, which are accessible by the road from village Bošáca). It is impossible to get to the spring just by car, so you can either park your car where the asphalt road ends and then continue by feet, but, in my opinion the best option is to get there by bicycle. I know that if you live in Myjava or even further, it can look like a very remote destination for a bike trip, but I think it can be a big challenge for all of you.


However, if hiking appeals to you more than cycling, I´ve got another interesting tip for you. You can take a walk through Haluzická tiesňava, a 1km long canyon or you can visit a lookout on the hill Hájnica.


by Ľuboš Rybnikár

Year 2, Issue 2