Thanksgiving day

Every year on the last Thursday of November, millions of people in America celebrate Thanksgiving Day. It is a traditional North-American event, which reminds of a story from the past, when a group of people, called the pilgrims, ate a meal with Indians, to give thanks to God for successful survival after a hard year.


In our school, our American teacher Matt Haarman, decided to celebrate this event with the first class of the bilingual section. This year I am a 1.B student, so I got to celebrate this celebration with my class. Of course I agreed to participate.


One week before the 3rd Thursday of November, we prepared a little bit for this event. We made some invitations for our teachers to let them know when and where our Thanksgiving would be. Matt gave us several recipes of traditional Thanksgiving meals, so some of us had to cook, too. It seemed like our Thanksgiving Party would be nice.


On “D-day" we came to school and had to complete all of our preparations and decorations. We brought food, and wore headbands and painted some colorful lines on our faces to look like “real Indians". Everyone seemed to be happy and there was a good atmosphere in the room.


When everything was ready, we sat down at the table and each of us gave thanks for something special. It was the most beautiful moment of this celebration for me. We thanked for our family, friends, school, health, food,.. For anything we were thankful for. Then followed the ”eating part." Then the director’s husband carved the turkey, and we all started to eat. I must say, the food was really delicious! We enjoyed it very much. As the party continued, somebody turned on the radio and we danced for a while, too! :) It was a wonderful time.



All in all, I have to say that it was an amazing day and a great experience for me. Beforehand, I hadn't expected it to be so good. I hope that everyone enjoyed himself or herself. I'm sure, that we all were satisfied with our first Thanksgiving Day. :)

by Veronika Hudáková

Year 2, Issue 2