We are still getting better


The time of English Olympiads came again and many English loving students took their hearts to compete with each other. The tasks were really difficult and the students did an outstanding job. I am proud to say that we are really still getting better and better. So here are the results:


Younger students:


1A Category (prima, sekunda) :    1st place – Matúš Samek


                                                            2nd place – Michal Marek


                                                             3rd place – Andrej Pribiš



1B Category (tercia, kvarta) :    1st place – Barbora Horniaková


                                                       2nd place –Natália Kročianová


                                                        3rd place – Michaela Horváthová




Older students:


2A Category (kvinta, sexta, 1st, 2nd forms):    1st place – Martin Kovár


                                                                                   2nd place – Ivan Pančiak


                                                                                    3rd place – Peter Staňo



2B Category (oktava, 3rd, 4th forms):   1st place – Annamária Zemanová


                                                                       2nd place – Veronika Brezinová


                                                                        3rd place – Linda Poláková



2C1 Category (bilingual students of all forms):   1st place –Tatiana Novomestská


                                                                                        2nd place –Kamila Obuchová


                                                                                        3rd place – Tereza Moravčíková



2C1 Category (anglophones):    1st place – Jakub Barszcz


                                                        2nd place – Tamara Salibová



All the winners advanced to the Regional English Olympiad what means that they competed with students from all over the Trenčín region. I am proud to say that Jakub Barszcz took first place in his category and Tatiana Novomestská took third place. Congratulations to both of you! Jakub has advanced to the Slovak National English Language Olympiad that will take place in March. We all will keep our fingers crossed for you, Jakub!

by Alena Cilíková

Year 2, Issue 2