Mgr. Jana Ilovičná

I´ve made interviews with many English teachers, but this time I´m going to introduce a language teacher who you will associate more with French than with English, even though she´s both a French and an English teacher.


Do you like teaching at our school?

Yes, I do. Everything here is familiar to me because I was also a student at this school about twenty years ago. Even though the position of a teacher has changed a lot since the time that I decided take on this job, our school remains a good work place, especially thanks to the people who I am surrounded by here.


If you weren´t a teacher, what would you be? Did you have any other dream job?

Personally, I´d like to know what else I could do. I´ve thought about it many times. As a child I wanted to work with animals and later I dreamt of being a writer.


Do you have a favourite food? And do you like cooking?

No, I don´t have a favourite food. However, I prefer healthy eating and I am open to any new ingredients and recipes. Due to the lack of time I cook only at the weekends and I try to adjust my meals to the taste of my sons.


Do you like reading books? Do you have a favourite one?

Of course, I do. I used to read more when I was a student. Nowadays, I read less because I´ve got more duties and my eyesight is getting worse. Among my favourite genres I can mention self-developmental books, psychological and philosophical fiction, detective stories or narratives based on everyday life.


Do you have any interesting hobbies?

To tell the truth, I´d appreciate having more free time. Because of my work I hardly have any. Although, I like working out, doing zumba, hiking, cycling, watching movies, learning languages and, if possible, travelling as well. I´ve always longed to do some handicraft and at last I´m learning how to crochet. Moreover, I´m going to have a British shorthair kitten soon, so it will hopefully become an interesting hobby and a member of our family at the same time.


Is there anything you would like to say to the readers of our magazine?

Well, dear students, try to listen to your inner voice when making decisions and avoid imitating others. Find your talent and develop it not only for your own purpose, but also to make the life on our planet better.


by Ľuboš Rybnikár

Year 2, Issue 3