Like every year, students from 4.B celebrated Christmas together by having a christmas party with some Slovak Christmas traditions.

Can you imagine Christmas without a christmas tree? Of course we had a christmas tree, which we decorated ourselves .We liked it so much that we kept it up until March.
For our Christmas dinner everyone brought something to eat, there were chips, candies , and some of us that are more skilfull in the kitchen, also baked delicious cookies.
A  common Slovak tradition is the slicing of an apple. You simply slice the apple in half and when the seeds reveal the shape of  a star, it represents health and happiness. In the same way, when it shows a cross, it is a bad sign that represents illness and death. Luckily, when we sliced our apple, it showed us a star, so we can be calm, because we should be happy and healthy this year. We then split the apple among class and ate it.

Other tradition we did was eating  wafers with honey and nuts. This should bring us health too. We also left something for "death“, so it would ignore us, and we would be able to meet like this the following Christmas.
To intensify the Christmas mood we lit sparklers and sang Christmas carols.
After every christmas dinner, there is time for presents. Everyone got something little from their classmates. We also got a big suprise from our class teacher, Mrs. Ciliková. A few months ago she gave every one of us a list of people in our class and we had to write something that we appreciated about everyone on the list. She then put these all together and gave each of us a nice scroll with all of the nice things our classmates think and appreciate about us  written on it. It was  nice reading it and it sure made me feel better and happier.
After this amazing christmas party we went home for the holidays with a warm christmas feeling.

by Tatiana Novomestská

Year 1, Issue 2