About us

"I really hope that you will like flipping through the magazine as much as we enjoy preparing it for you."

Alena Cilíková

       I am so delighted that I can introduce you to  our new magazine 'What’s Up' which we plan to publish three times a school year. Each issue will coincide with one season of the year.
        The idea of publishing an English student magazine crossed my mind when starting the bilingual section of our grammar school more than three years ago. The first year brought many unforgettable experiences not only to the students in the first grade of the section but also to me and I really missed the opportunity to share them with other students and my colleagues as well. Thanks to the interest and enthusiasm of our students, who I would like to pass on my thanks in this way, the idea has come to life in the end.
       You may ask: ´Why the name What’s Up ?´ I think there is hardly a student who has never heard our English teacher Matt asking this question. What is the right answer to this question? Any news. And this is what our magazine would like to support you with: everything that is happening at the moment, the success of our gifted students in various English competitions, all the activities that make the life of our students so wonderful, reports from our students studying abroad, recipes etc.

The Team


Matt Haarman


Daniela Kročianová

Jakub Barszcz
Jakub Rybnikár
Jarka Petrášová
Linda Poláková
Ľuboš Rybnikár
Martin Krč
Mirka Račková

Nikoleta Allinová
Nina Nôžková
Tamara Salibová
Táňa Novomestská
Tereza Ivančová
Mrg. Ľubica Durcová

Matt Haarman

Jarka Petrášová

Jarka Petrášová

Jarka Petrášová

Matt Haarman
Alena Cilíková