Mrs. Čankyová

Mrs. Čankyová has been my English teacher for nearly two years. Besides being a great teacher, she is also a very nice person and I am really pleased I could interview her.

How are you today?
As I teach my students. The correct answer is:
“Fine, thank you.“

Did you also study at grammar school?
Yes, I studied at grammar school in Piešťany, which is my birthplace.

At which university did you study?
I studied at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, at the department of English and American studies and at the department of Ethnology and Ethnomusicology.

What is more difficult for you? Teaching or studying?
To be honest, as a teacher I spend a lot of time studying and preparing different materials for my lessons. Although it´s time-consuming, it is easier than teaching. Teaching requires a combination of different skills such as courage, calmness, understanding, empathy, knowledge, and the ability to adapt to different situations.

Do you have any other interests besides English ?
Of course I do. I adore singing and dancing, hiking, cycling, playing with my children, ironing, cooking…shall I continue?

Is there something you want to say to all What´s up readers?
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by Ľuboš Rybnikár

Year 1, Issue 2