Our trip to Great Britain

On 21st  of September we met in front of our school. We were ready... Ready to experience new adventures in England and Scotland.

The journey was long but we were strong and made it. On the bus we  joined  the group of students from Trenčín and the guide Andrea. Some of them were crazy and nice but some of them were simply idiots. It was rainy almost all the time and when we arrived in  Amsterdam it was a little bit windy. After 20 minutes of waiting we finally reached the terminal. We needed to pass check-in. We boarded the ferry. It was very huge and luxurious. We slept in cabins for one night and some of us were sea-sick so they had to go to the information desk and took some pills. The next morning we woke up and saw the shore of Scotland. The ferry docked and we needed to pass check-in again, it was without problems. Alnwick Castle was on our way. There were filmed some scenes from Harry Potter film. We could visit almost all rooms in the castle. We had individual free time so we could go to the city of Alnwick,  to some shops, restaurants or just had a chill. After a busy day we finally arrived in Edinburgh and had to go to the families. I think everyone got a great family, I was just sorry for our teachers because they caught a very strange family without hot water. Every day we went somewhere else for example to the Calton Hill, Edinburg Castle, Pitlochry, Falkirk. We spent 3 nights in families and after these nights we loaded our bags into the bus and went to London. When we arrived, the first place that we wanted to visit was the Tower of London. There were crowds of people. Do you know why? They all wanted to see jewels of queens and kings. My expectations about the Tower were great but in fact I was  disappointed. We spent a night in the worst „hotel“  I have ever been to. It was full of Arabian people. They turned on music and were dancing all the night. The conditions of this hotel were terrible. As I said to my friends „never again“.

The next day we visited London Eye, Buckingham Palace and many other great buildings. At the end of the day we prepared for the journey to our lovely home with hot water and „schnitzel“. We went to Dover where we boarded the worst ferry in the world. It was like from old American films, one guy was behind the bar and was wiping dust, one fly was still doing that „bzzz“,no one was eating just one guy was lying on the table and sleeping. We arrived in Cale after 2 hours of travelling on that ferry .Our journey was long, almost 24 hours on the bus. I was happy I was finally home but I missed and still miss that feeling of being in Scotland with your friends.

This trip to Scotland and England was full of happiness, fun and experiences. I have to say the biggest „thank you“ to our teachers Mrs Čankyová and Mrs Durcová because they didn´t have easy time with us but they did it and also did everything for us, solved every problem, explained us everything.  If you ask how I could describe this trip in one simply word? My answer is „Great“

by Jakub Rybnikár

Year 1, Issue 1