The 4th annual ball

February the 7th wasn’t just an ordinary Saturday. In the dining hall of our school, the 4th Annual Ball was held . Preparations started the day before with the decorating of the hall, and the setting of tables – many of us students helped with the preparations. We paid attention even to the smallest details, such as the alignment of bottles on the tables or whether the lanterns above the dance floor hung symmetricaly. The Ball officially started at 6pm, but half of the guests were fashionably late. The band which played that evening called, Kamasi, entertained the guests not only with their music of all genres, but also with their witty and funny comments. In addition to dancing some refreshments were also important– salty snacks, after a delicious dinner, sweet cakes, and healthy fruit. You could also enjoy conversations with former students and friends when you weren’t  ancing. The highlight of the evening was a raffle. You had the chance to win some immediate prizes such as umbrellas, mugs, scarfs, etc, and if you weren’t lucky in winning one of the immediate prizes, you still had a chance to win some of the main prizes which varied from gift baskets to the student´s prize - a coupon to cancel a mark 5 in school (the worst mark), to the first prize - a new TV set. By the way, congratulations to this year´s winners. To sum up this event with one word ... AWESOME. We are already looking forward to next year´s ball.