Halloween with us!

Hey! What’s up? What did you do on Halloween day? Did you join us? No? So I will tell you what happened in our 1.B class…

First, everybody had to have a mask or costume! So we made our own masks and we didn’t care if it was a lesson or not... Sometimes it was difficult because everyone was looking at us and smiling, like we were abnormal people, but we didn’t care and we continued to make our masks.
Everything happened in our classroom (1.B). After lunch we carved pumpkins with Matt for two hours and I couldn’t forget how Matt had shouted at us to “BRING PUMPKINS!” a few times maybe two weeks before Halloween. He was there with his wife Marta. They were with their little “bees” and Matt with Marta were dressed as beekeepers of course. They were amazing!
We were in groups and we made our own Jack-o-lanterns.  The whole time we had tasty refreshments, made by our schoolmates. A jury (our teachers from school) chose three winners of a costume contest, and those who had the best mask in the class won chocolate. Then we went “Trick or treating” and got candy! It was amazing! We really enjoyed it.

At the end, our jury chose the best pumpkin and people who carved it got a sweet prize.
So? Do you regret that you were not there?

by Leona Gabrielová

Year 2, Issue 1