Through The Hell Ways To The Stars

October 27, 2015. Cruel demons, angels (some, almost strait out of the Victoria‘s Secret catalogue), clouds, sheep, Jesus and the evilest of the all evil… the Devil himself. Does this sound familiar, dear freshmen? Of course it does, I was just trying to take you back to the atmosphere of your initiation. But let’s start from the beginning.

Like every year, and this year was no exception, older students (third-graders) throw a welcome party for our brand-new students. The initiation evening, which required many hours of preparation, started at 15:30 with a spectacular scene (it really was spectacular) of angels fighting demons and the promenade of a sheep. After some warm opening words, the fun began. There were chosen students from the first classes and prima that were asked to come to the stage and performed given tasks. The most amusing for the audience, in my opinion, were the translations from záhoračtina to the Slovak language. Also a clothing-chain, the grating of a cucumber, beer-pong, “find someone”, a dance battle, and a special problem for Mr Grečný and his daughter to solve.  There was even a plot twist. When a student didn’t carry out a task properly, or ended up being last to finish a task, they were awarded a “special” welcome drink (it would be difficult to define the substance of this drink). After all the assignments were completed, enthusiastic pupils of prima and the frightened, stressed students of 1.A and B classes signed an agreement which bounded them to obey us. At the end, we all had a great time dancing with help provided by a professional DJ with a cute smile.  To sum up, it was a great evening. For all the effort, let me thank our main organizer Kubo, my classmates and other schoolmates, also Mrs Čankyová and other teachers involved in the organization of such an event. Thank you to the students for coming and also for being brave at fulfilling the wicked tasks. Last but not least let me thank, me for writing this article. It was worth it, and hopefully all the attendants had fun.   

by Nina Sukupová

Year 2, Issue 1