Rhetorics Competition

 What’s up everybody? Long time no see. As the lot of you probably know, when it comes to competitions, GYMY doesn’t slack off. We utilizes the talents of our numerous students and we participate in them. This time, Bronislava Bendová and Martin Krč from 2.B, Jakub Barszcz from 5.B and Tamara Salibová from Oktáva tried their hand, or more specifically their voice, at a regional rhetoric competition called Master of Rhetor.

I can proudly say that I was a part of this group and that I was able to represent our school. The journey began on a rainy, snowy day, early in the morning. Accompanied by Matt, our beloved and admired English language teacher. Most of us were still tired, weary and suffering from a lack of sleep, as we set out for Trenčín, the dazzling capital of our municipality, where we were supposed to show up at a predetermined time to confirm that we had arrived. After storming the city and searching for a suitable parking spot, which proved to be incredibly difficult, we were finally at our destination, ready to be awesome.


The lot of us entered the building and put on our best and most confident faces to dissuade any opponents from even trying to best us on the field of rhethorical combat! Subsequently, we went to write our names on a sheet of paper to confirm that we were actually there and ready to take on the world. Once we were done with all the pleasantries and formalities, we were rounded up and told to choose a number at random, with which we recieved a model with a corresponding number to accompany us. Even though we were pleasantly surprised, we were also confused. What was happening? Fortunately, everything was quickly explained to us, and we were happy to find out that this was actually a part of the competition. The first task was to describe the fabric, patterns and other finer qualities of the models‘ clothes. We recieved aproximately 30 minutes to prepare.


I had the pleasure of cooperating with a lovely girl whose name I unfortunately no longer remember. After successfully finishing this daunting task, we were rewarded with a short break to regain our strength and a chance to rest our vocal chords. The second round consisted of the performance of a speech written earlier by the students. This task proved to be the more difficult one, at least for me, as there were many talented and outspoken students, who proved to be challenging opponents. Nevertheless, we performed to the best of our abilities and were seen as tough competition to others.


Afterwards we proceeded to the cafeteria to eat the provided lunch and we enjoyed ourselves to the maximum. As we proceeded to hear the results our small group was anxious with excitement and we couldn’t wait to see who was the chosen one. In spite of not taking any of awarded places, we were tired, but cheerful. We embarked on our journey home to present the school with the products of our hard labour.

by Jakub Barszcz

Year 2, Issue 2