The fifth annual ball

On February 6th, our school hosted its Annual Ball for the fifth year in a row. To make sure that the dining hall was all good to go, the preparations had to be started days in advance before the big Saturday. Even though the ball was held during a teacher’s strike week, the students and teachers worked hard to make sure that everything was well prepared and ready to shine.

The evening started at 6pm on the dot, when the headmistress welcomed all the guests. As in previous years, music for the evening was by the Kamasi trio. They played live music, performed some iconic songs and even taught the dancers some new dance moves. All in all, they made a strong connection with the audience and the dance floor was never empty. Our school cooks prepared a delicious dinner and the tables were brimming with snacks, cakes and fruit the whole night. One of the most anticipated things at the ball was the raffle. Everyone could buy envelopes with tickets inside and those who were lucky had a white one inside. It meant winning some immediate prizes such as umbrellas, watches, scarves and other goodies. The most awaited prize by students though, was a coupon to cancel their worst grade.

The ball was once again a great success. Many students had so much fun that they did not want to leave the dance floor even after the music had come to the end.

by Jarka Petrášová

Year 2, Issue 2