The Slirish One

Hello everyone

Here I am again.

I am staying in Kerry County, one of the largest and most rainy counties in Ireland, located in the Southwest. My town is called Killorglin. It is small, but colourful and pretty. Killorglin is also only a kilometre from the sea, and I have a beautiful view from my bedroom.

My school’s name is Intermediate School Killorglin, and I probably couldn’t wish for a better school. The teachers and pupils are really nice and if you ask a teacher to explain something to they don’t mind,and teachers here aren’t worried about money (I should say that an average teacher’s income in Ireland is 2600€ per month). Of course, we have to wear a uniform, which consists of a long red skirt, a grey jumper with an ornament, a red tie, and a white shirt.
As I already said, Killorglin is located in Co. Kerry (located in southwest of Ireland), with the ‘capital’ city Killarney. Killarney is also the most beautiful town in Ireland; even though it is really small. It has only 12,000 inhabitants, but with its constantly present tourists it is closer to 15,000.

The Irish language has nearly been forgotten, despite the fact that it is a core subject for Irish kids. There are only two areas, where people still have Irish as their first language- the counties of Dingle and Galway.

Kerry is one of the most beautiful and greenest counties in Ireland. Today I was on a trip in the area that is called The Ring of Kerry. It is literally a ring,  and is one of the most amazing things in Kerry. Please, consider it for yourself.

by Daniela Gellenová

Year 2, Issue 2