SPRING / SUMMER fashion style

Button Front Skirt

The button front skirt is having a bit of a moment thanks to the 70’s trend this season, as well as denim being a must in every girl´s wardrobe. A button-down denim skirt is a wardrobe staple as it’s appropriate for any age. So this season we will see a lot of button down skirts in denim and suede. This skirt was made for styling all the way through spring and right into those hot summer days. Midi styles add a retro-throwback to your look, minis feel more updated.


Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket has emerged on the street-style scene. It can be worn super-oversized with arms rolled up or shrunken in the ’90s-style. Bombers go well with a slinky dress as they do with a pair of boyfriend jeans. They are also really comfortable which is always a win. A good bomber has just the right amount of tomboy and streetwear - which are finding their way into women’s fashion right now. Jackets are available pretty much anywhere, at every price. The bomber jacket tends to look best when it’s a little worn in - not too perfect.



Mini-dresses are not always outdoor-friendly, I suggest wearing rompers as a sensible and stylish alternative. Rompers are incredibly easy to wear, and require very little maintenance. By that I mean, you can literally wear a romper and no other clothes and be set. Add a pastel blazer with a floral romper for a look that is instantly dressier. On chillier days, wear a leather jacket with a feminine romper for a nice mix. If you are going for a more boho vibe, just add thigh-high socks, a wide hat and chunky platforms.


White shirt

The white shirt is an ultimate classic go-to clothing piece for any season or occasion. It has been around for quite a while, and it is a classic item that will never go out of style. It is definitely a piece every woman would want in her closet. Sometimes you want to wear something with a twist. Off the shoulder is minimalistic and chic. Create the look by wearing a man style shirt with the cuffs open. Put on a deconstructed white shirtdress with cutout details or an open back shirt.


Lace-Up Pointed Flats

You are probably looking for shoes that don't come with heels. Maybe you want something with a closed toe you can wear all spring. The answer comes in the form of these ballerina flats. This updated version comes with laces to tie up right around the ankle adding ´uuu´ to every outfit without any real effort. Look for a pointy toe and a criss-cross across the top of the foot before you wrap the ankle. These are perfect with jeans, skirts and dresses.


by Linda Poláková

Year 2, Issue 3