Ever since the last sports contest at GYMY, every student and teacher had been counting days until the next big sports event at our school – the annual volleyball tournament. On Wednesday, March 23rd, right before Easter, our gymnasium had a revival with a rush of smashes and cheering from volleyball fans. The whole gym was crowded with students and teachers watching their favourite teams fight for the precious title of the volleyball champion of our school.


The matches were played from half past eight to around two o´clock, and took place on two volleyball courts in the school gym. One game comprised of two sets, each for a maximum of eleven points. The teams, composed of the best players from each class, had been randomly split up into four groups. In the first part, the teams were playing their opponents in the group. Afterwards, the four best teams competed in the gripping finals. However, the best part of the whole volleyball competition was the final match between 1.A and 4.A. everybody was impatient to watch the unbelievable sporting performance and to see who would become the new school volleyball champion.



Finally, let us congratulate our four volleyball teams who were crowned to be the best at our Gymnazium.

1st place – 1.A
2nd place – 4.A
3rd place – Okt
4th place – Sexta


by Bronislava Bendová

Year 2, Issue 3